PR 35

Black $276/ Gold or Chrome $351 / Switched $285


The Heil PR 35 microphone with its matte black rubberized finish looks like it means business…and it does. The PR 35 is built with the specifications of the PR 30 (large 1.5” shock-mounted hum-bucking), voice-coil to ward off unwanted handling noise & electronic interference, and provides great rejection of off-axis/180 degree noise as well.

switchHowever, the PR 35 is equally at home in your hand, as it is mic’ing a guitar cabinet, or cradled in a broadcaster’s boom. The PR 35 has excellent articulation & a natural upper mid-range along with a smooth flat response throughout. You will be hard-pressed to experience overload or feedback with a PR 35. The PR 35 adds a low-cut roll off switch, allowing you to prevent low end feedback loops from ever getting started. The PR 35 will provide high-end studio results live, in the studio, or wherever. In addition to vocals, the PR 35 is great for a variety of instruments including guitar cabinets, drums, and more.

With the PR 35 you get three interchangeable colored trim rings (black, silver, and purple), and a mic clip along with a black acoustical wind screen, in a padded leatherette carrying case.

Heil Sound, Ltd. warrants all microphones to the original purchaser for a period of three years (parts) and ninety days (labor) from the date of purchase.
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Heilsound Microphones and Accessories
Spec Sheet
Heilsound Microphones and Accessories
Marketing Sheet
PR 35
Output Connection
3 pin XLR
Element Type
Frequency Response
40 Hz - 18 kHz (UP- no filter)
80 Hz - 18 kHz (DOWN- filter on)
Polar Pattern
Rear Rejection @ 180 degrees off axis
-35 dB
370 ohms balanced
Output Level
-52.9 dB @ 1 kHz
9 oz
140 dB



Live 2 Play Network (Review) - "Without getting into microphone physics, the special construction, and use of modern materials, allows the Heil Sound PR35 and the other PR series microphones to avoid the muddy proximity effect that occurs when one gets up close to the windscreen. The la"
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Performing Musician (Review) - "A humbucking coil minimises the pickup of hum or buzz, and the same approach to rear porting has been taken to produce a well-controlled cardioid pattern. Again, the mic is well balanced and businesslike."
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Studio Auditions (Review) - "Frankly, I just couldn't wait to use this sucker! It certainly lived up to the hype. Every artist that has used one of mine has consistently said, "This is the best mic I have ever used.""
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Heilsound Microphones and Accessories
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Heilsound Microphones and Accessories
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Heilsound Microphones and Accessories
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Heilsound Microphones and Accessories
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