ProSet, Pro 5, ProSet Quiet Phone, Pro Set Media Pro

    Inner and Outer Support

    Inner/Outer Support


    Boom Cup

    Boom Cup



    PSPS Phase Reversal Switch


    PS Speaker

    ProSet Speaker


    PSP Speaker

    ProSet Plus Speaker


    PS Cord

    Pro Set Replacement cord


    PSP Cord

    Pro Set Plus Replacement cord


    Pro 5 cord

    Pro 5 cord


    Parts for Pro Micro

    PM outter

    PM Outter


    PM Inner

    PM Inner


    PM Cord

    PM Cord


    Parts for BM10/BM 5

    BM Speaker

    BM Speaker


    Boom Clip

    BC Boom Clip


    BM Mic Cup

    BM Mic Cup


    BM Screen

    BM Screen


    Boom Cup

    BM Cord


    Ear Pads & Foam

    EP Foam PS

    EP Foam PS Pair Replacement Foam


    EP PS pair

    EP PS Pair Pro Set/Pro 5 Ear Pad


    EP PSP

    EP PSP Pro Set Plus Ear Pad (pair)


    Cotton cover

    PS EPC Cotton Ear Covers for Pro Set/Pro Set Plus/Pro Set Quiet Phone


    EP PM

    EP PM Ear Pad New Traveler/Pro Micro 2.75" (pair)


    Oval Ear Pad

    EP Trav Old Ear Pad Old Traveler Oval (sold individually)



    EP BM Replacement Foam


    Microphone Parts


    XT-1 High to Low impedance matching transformer


    GM WN

    GM WN Replacement Wide/Narrow phase reversal switch for GM/HM 10 (DPDT)


    GM PTT

    GM PTT Replacement 'Soft Touch' for GM/HM 10


    HM 10 PTT Replacement for PTT for round button HM 10

    HM 10 PTT


    Microphone Clip

    Microphone Clip


    Windscreens & Replacement Bands

    WS HM

    WS HM Windscreen for Handi Mic



    SPS Windscreen for Pro Set


    WS Trav

    WS Trav Windscreen for Traveler



    WSPSP Windscreen for Pro Set Plus and BM Headsets



    WSM Windscreen for Desk Mics



    WSPR40 Windscreen for PR 40/PR 30/PR 780/PR 781


    SM 1 Band

    SM1 Band Replacement Band for SM-1 Shock Mount (one piece)


    SM2 Bands

    SM Band SM-2 Replacement Bands for SM-2 Shock Mount (two pieces)


    Prices and specifications subject to change without notice or obligation.