Pro 7


    Dynamic $277 / iC $290

    The Basics

    The Pro 7 offers a feature set that compliments the Heil Sound standard for headset design. Unlike copies of various aviation type headsets, the PRO 7 is not a copy. It brings newtechnologyto the headset industry. The 2" thick gel foam ear pads provide extreme comfort for extended periods of time while exhibiting passive noise reduction rated at -26dB, ideal for use in high ambient noise environments. Using technology Bob Heil learned from Paul Klipsch back in the early 70's, the ear cup enclosures were tuned to the free air cone resonance of the speaker cone thus providing very low distortion with maximum voice articulation providing the ultimate sound reproduction for communications. Theexclusive Heil Phase Reversal system (HPR) allows you to acoustically move the signals forward and creates a spatial widening of the sound field. This feature makes it easier to pull a weak signal from a pileup – useful for DxPeditions and contests as well as a stress reliever as your change the phase angle of the program source. A speaker balance control allows preferred level between the speakers.

    The PRO 7 has interchangeable microphone system allows the microphone element to be easily changed in the field for different types of applications. The low distortion Dynamic HC-7 element exhibits a frequency response of 100 Hz - 12 kHz with the -3dB points at 100 Hz and 12 kHz. The traditional Heil speech articulation rise is centered at 2K -4KHz with properly balanced highs and lows. The impedance is 600 ohm. The HC-7 is one of our best microphone elements for speech articulation.

    Designed exclusively for iCOM radios, the iC Electret element has a -3dB fixed point at 35 Hz and 12kHz with the sensitivity of-48 at 1500 ohms output centered at 1kHz. The iC element solves the problems with LOW GAIN ICOM radios but can also work with great results on newer Icom models. Bias power is applied to operate the iC electret element. The Pro 7 iC is supplied with our ADl-iC eight pin iCOM adapter cable.

    The latest version of the Pro 7 features a monitor jack. The monitor feature allows a second operator to plug in headphones to the Pro 7 to monitor audio.

    The Pro 7 and Pro 7iC each are available in black, red, blue or pink finishes and includes the following accessories: 

    • PTT Switch.
    • Military grade straight cable.
    • Military grade coiled cable.
    • Extra set of ear pads.
    • Washable cotton ear pad covers.

    The balance control located on the LEFT speaker, controls only the left speaker. Begin by setting a comfortable right side speaker level with the AF gain of the receiver. You then adjust the left side speaker where necessary to balance the audio between the speakers. In most cases the balance control will be close to or maximum.

    Click here to read the CQ magazine review. Reprinted with permission from the January/February 2015 issue of CQ magazine. Copyright CQ Communications, Incl. All rights reserved.

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    HC7-frequency iC frequency
    Pro 7 Headphone Frequency Response


    Heilsound Microphones and Accessories
    Spec Sheet
    Generating Element
    Dynamic iC
    iC Electret
    Frequency Response
    100 Hz - 12 kHz
    35 Hz - 12 kHz
    Polar Pattern
    600 Ohms
    1.5 k ohms
    Output Level
    -57 dB at 1 kHz
    -48dB at 1 kHz
    17 oz
    17 oz
    Required Adapter
    AD-1 Series
    AD-1 series (AD-1-iC included)


    Connecting Cables
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    Shock Mounts
    Heil shock mounts provide ultimate shock protection for the PR 20, PR 22 and similar body sizes (SM-1), and for the PR 30, PR 40 and similar body sizes (PRSM).
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    Ergonomic push to talk to switch
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    Glowing Reviews on the Pro7 From

    "I also have had several headsets since being licensed in 1994, and was extremely impressed with the New Pro-7 Headset that I purchased in June. I currently have it paired with a "New" ICOM ProIII that had less than 40 hours of running time of use on it, The Pro-7's are nothing short of Amazing! The headset is a "Little" bit heavier than my Last Headset, However, once I got used to the Difference in Weight, and the Exceptional Performance of the Headset, Both the Earphones And the Great Microphone, elements, which I am getting "Excellent Audio Ol'Man" from stations that I couldn't even Hear with my old Rig and an Older ICOM 730 circa 1985...What a Difference the New Rig And headphones have made in My Making Contacts! Kudos to Bob Heil and the Amazing People in His Employ!"


    "I've had a half dozen or so 'cheaper' headsets and have never been satisfied. I've been looking at Heil's for quite a while, but when I saw the new Pro 7's I decided it was time to take the plunge. I purchased a pair for FD '16 and they are nothing short of remarkable. Comfort beyond my most hopeful expectations, even over my glasses ear pieces - unbelievable sound quality - and the ability to shape the sound with the balance and phase shift was sweet! My first group of contacts for FD '16 had 5 people talking over the top of each other, the phase shift and balance allowed me to work 3 of the 5 contacts on that one frequency. We were in an acoustically very bright room, painted drywall and no acoustic deadening, with 2 other radios set up, and they suppressed/muffed the other sounds in the room so I could easily work the S1 and S2 stations. I'm completely sold on these things!"


    "I have some experience with headphones. In fact, a good deal of experience. A full career in signals intelligence collection in the USAF. Graduate of NSA cryptologic school. Videography later in life, with much time recording voice talent for video voiceovers. Video editing with Sennheiser cans glued to my ears in the wee hours of the morning, balancing music, sound effects, etc. So, with some trepidation, I bought the Pro 7iC to connect to an Icom 7600. Amazing! Comfortable! Adjustable to my needs! I could go on and on. I flat love these headphones and the engineers at Heil have outdone themselves.

    "Let’s talk customer service. Knew that I’d also be operating on a Yaesu UHF/VHF radio, so I sent an email to the “info” address at Heil. Got an answer back from Bob Heil himself about 90 minutes later, completely answering my question about the need to use a different mic insert and why! Is he interested in my usage? Yes. Is he interested that I have a great experience with his product? Yes. Did he personally provide specific information on who to deal with to discuss the cable, adapter, and insert to fit my exact radio? Yes, he did. Even Joe Walsh could not get better customer service than I did.

    "Finally, there’s the 'I look good in these' factor. Our club radio shack is in a room off a busy hallway, so there is a great deal of foot traffic going by. With the door open and with my snazzy red Heil Pro 7’s on my head, I look good. I look professional. People stop by and ask me what I’m doing and who I’m talking with. Bottom line: GREAT product; GREAT service; and GREAT 'WOW' factor. Buy yourself a pair and have a wonderful Heil experience!"